The route

The Route

Have you ever wanted to get in your car and go for a long drive? Throw a bag in the back seat, fill up the gas tank, and just get out of town? Like, way, way out of town? According to Wikipedia, the Trans-Canada Highway is the world’s third-longest highway (after the Trans-Siberian, at 11,000 km, and Australia’s Highway 1, which runs around the entire continent in a 14,500 km loop. Now THAT would be an epic road trip!) If you start off in Victoria, B.C., at mile 0, you can drive all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland, which is around 8,000 km away.

I’ve been to Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Quebec City before, but only stopped briefly in each, and I know there’s WAY more to explore. Between the Pacific and the Atlantic there are 10 provinces, two official languages and a hell of a lot of Tim Hortons doughnuts. That’s about all I know of driving coast-to-coast, so I’ve got a lot of planning to do before I leave, which will be around mid-August. I’ll need to draft a budget, figure out where to stay, what I need to bring, what kind of insurance to get, how to change a tire, and how much time I need to see everything and hang out with all the crazy Canucks I’ll meet along the way. Oh, and put together the most eargasmic road trip soundtrack you’ve ever heard. Any suggestions for a mix tape?



  1. Christina M.

    You need a lot of Tragically Hip. But early stuff. Road Apples and Up To Here. If I didn’t have two children (plus one grown-up spouse-child) who need me to keep them alive and fed, I’d so be packing a bag and sneaking in your car.

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