The Ride


This is my car. I love my car. It may not be powerful or fast, but it’s totally reliable, definitely fuel efficient, and it’s onyx blue. I realize caring about the colour of my vehicle makes me NOT a real car person, but we might as well get that out there right away: I’m not a real car person. I have no idea what kind of engine is under the hood but I do care about the colour.

What I also know is it’s a 2008 Hyundai Accent L model, which means it’s a hatchback with no power options (remember roll-up windows and manual locks?), and no air conditioning. That’s right, in the summer, I drive around in a steamy tropical heat box on wheels. But it’s a stick shift, and driving stick is infinitely more fun. So that’s another one for the pro column.

I look after my car, getting it serviced regularly, and I even hand wax it every six months. I bought it from the dealership when it still had the new car smell and only 14,000 km on the odometer. Now, there’s about 99,500 km on it, but it’s still running great. Of course, before I leave, I’ll get the oil changed and have the brakes checked.Ā I won’t need to change the tires ’cause they’re all-seasons, and I’ll be back before the first snowflake wafts from the sky. At least, that’s the plan…

My next post will deal with the ever-important question, ‘How much will gas cost?’ I’ll tell you how I figured out the cost of gas for my car, and how you can do the same for yours.



  1. Marlon Candido Guerios

    You drove a manual: respect! There is not a lot of women doing that these days. I’m glad I found your blog, I’m willing to go on the same trip soon (also driving a manual). Thanks for posting all the details of your trip. Great work!

    • marellereid

      Hi Marlon, I didn’t realize few women drive stick… I just think it’s more fun because you’re actually driving the car rather than just “making it go” šŸ™‚

      I’m currently halfway back across the country, heading west this time, and zipping along Highway 1. In total it will be nine days of driving about eight hours per day from St. John’s to Victoria. I highly recommend the trip, but I definitely suggest taking more than nine days! Happy travels.

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