Day 6 – Edmonton

Edmonton has a lot of stuff going on during the Fringe Theatre Festival, and the whole city gets into the spirit of this 10-day arts event in a big way. Last night, after I arrived, Kristine and Dan took me out to see a four guys doing a rap take on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. In the park and on the streets, there were buskers, food vendors, beer gardens and live music. I was aware Edmonton is an artsy kind of city, but this was pretty outstanding, and tickets to all shows were only $15.

Today, I got to sleep in, enjoy a homemade brunch, and then Kristine and I we went for a long walk over the High Level Bridge to downtown and back and then along Whyte Ave., which seems to be the trendiest part of town, and a convenient one block from her apartment. Tonight, we went for Mexican food and I had what were, hands down, the best tacos ever, at a little take-out restaurant off a side street. Then we went to see another Fringe show – this one an avant-garde dance piece by the Good Women Dance Collective.

I’m really enjoying this city – the sun is shining, the people are friendly, and there’s lots to do. Tomorrow, I’m going to borrow Kristine’s bike and ride the trails in the river valley along the North Saskatchewan River before a group of us go raspberry picking at a farm on the edge of town.

NEXT POST: More Edmonton



  1. Victoria Paterson

    Edmonton is awesome. I’m so sorry I had to bail on meeting up last night – I didn’t get home till about 9:30 p.m. from that council meeting and was dead tired after a 12-hour shift. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my (newly) adopted city!

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