Day 17 – Parry Sound to Toronto, ON

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.15.06 PM

Distance = 227 km        Gas = $43.06 ($1.36/L in Toronto)

I’m about halfway across the country now. Over the last 17 days, I’ve travelled 6,066 km, leaving from Victoria, B.C., going up through the Rockies, down from Edmonton to Calgary and across the prairies to Western Ontario and down around the great lakes to Toronto. It’s been mostly easy driving, almost all sunny, warm days (except for the day of rain in the Rockies and a couple of brief storms on the prairies). I’ve seen almost no traffic, and the construction I’ve run into on the highways in Ontario has been well managed, so I’ve never been stopped for more than three minutes at a time.

Budget update: So far, I’ve spent $524.18 on gas, $150.75 on food, $170 on accommodation and $322.23 on miscellaneous other things like admission to museums, gifts, sunglasses, and an oil change, among other random expenses. So, a grand total of $1,167.16 as of today. I think I’m doing pretty well, considering I’ve only paid for accommodation twice, and have only had four restaurant meals. I’ve been eating a lot of bread and apples out of my cooler, and I slept in my car once, but I think it’s been worth it. I’m planning to splurge in Quebec on some nice places to stay, and I will definitely be eating lobster in the Atlantic provinces more than once.

This morning I followed my uncle in his truck down to Toronto (Scarborough area) where his house sits right on the bluff overlooking Lake Ontario. The drive took 2.5 hours and was essentially just highway driving with nothing to see but other vehicles. When we got into the city proper, we had to merge from the collector lane onto the expressway of Highway 401. I’ve never experienced driving like that before – eight lanes across going in the same direction with on and off ramps along the side, plus over-passes and exit lanes off to the left as well. Madness. I felt a lot better following someone who knew exactly where he was going, though, and we fortunately avoided rush-hour traffic. This was the entrance ramp to the 401 this morning:


Today I took the time to run errands and take stock of where I’ve been and where I’m going. I did laundry, got an oil change, cleaned out and organized my car, and my uncle took me out for lunch at a Greek restaurant near his house. Tomorrow, I’m off on a day adventure by public transit into town. I’m pretty excited to see what Canada’s largest and most multicultural city looks like up close!

NEXT POST: Toronto


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