Day 31 – Saint John, NB

Saint John, New Brunswick is a town that sits at the confluence of the Saint John River and the Bay of Fundy. The spot where the river meets the ocean is known here as Reversing Rapids (or Reversing Falls) because, depending on the tides, the water flows one direction or the other, which creates whirlpools and whitewater in the inlet. There’s a great viewpoint there, where my host, Debbie, took me this afternoon. It’s where all the tourists stop to get photos.

Staying with someone who knows the place like the back of her hand has been invaluable. I never would have had the kind of tour of the town I did today if it weren’t for Debbie. Originally from Halifax, she moved here about 30 years ago and now seems to know everyone in town and everything about this town. She owns a few of the apartments on this block in the heritage district and she’s travelled extensively and hosted many couchsurfers. Last night she left me with a key to her place and went across the road to stay with her son and daughter-in-law, so I had a chance to sleep in late this morning, which was awesome.  Today she met up with me for a walking tour of the heritage district, including the City Market (oldest market in Canada) and then drove me out to see Irving Nature Park and up to the lookout at Fort Howe. We also popped into Rockwood Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, and even bigger than NYC’s Central Park, according to Debbie.

After seeing the town, we came back to her place and she fried up some scallops (local, of course) in butter with a bit of pepper, and we ate them with salad and mashed potatoes. So good.

Overall, I’d say Fredericton is much prettier than Saint John, but it’s pretty awesome to see the ocean again, and I had a great day here.

Tomorrow, I’m heading over to Prince Edward Island, where I intend to eat lobster and visit the Anne of Green Gables House (because that’s what you do when you’re in PEI).

NEXT POST: Saint John to Charlottetown


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