Day 34 – Charlottetown, PEI to Halifax, NS

Route map

Distance = 325 km        Gas = $38.56 ($1.32/L in Charlottetown, PEI)

Having a cold really puts a damper on a road trip. I drove today from Charlottetown, PEI (technically, Canoe Cove, PEI) to Halifax, which is only about 3.5 hours of driving, but it might as well have been a 10 hour trip because I’m pretty sure I had a fever and felt kind of gross. I couldn’t tell if I was too hot and sweating through my tank top because of the summer weather or because I wasn’t well. The weather here is weird. It was warm and sort of sunny, but also incredibly windy, so I couldn’t leave my window down.

Anyway, I did enjoy the scenery and marvelled once again at the view as I left PEI before passing back through New Brunswick to get to Nova Scotia.

Travel tip: Getting to PEI is free if you drive over the Confederation Bridge. Leaving the island, you can take the ferry to Nova Scotia or you can take the bridge back again to New Brunswick. Either way, you have to pay to leave. The ferry is around $70, and the bridge toll is $44.50. I went back over the bridge because it was closer to where I was staying, cheaper than the ferry, and this way I didn’t have to wait for the next sailing.

In Nova Scotia I got the requisite photo at the welcome sign, but made no other stops since there wasn’t much to see from the highway anyway. I just wanted to get here to Halifax because I knew there would be a bed waiting for me. I’m staying with an old university friend and her husband, and they’re wonderful hosts. They are also both surgeons, so I figured if I had something awful they’d be able to diagnose me. (No such luck, though – she’s an opthalmology specialist and he’s in orthopaedics.) The first thing I did when I arrived was take two Tylenol and have a bath, which was sorely needed after sweating all afternoon in my car (no AC is a bummer sometimes), and then Anastasia made a really nice fish and seafood dinner that livened me up again after eating only a couple of buns on the road that I’d saved from my lobster supper. (It’s been feast and famine much of the way on this trip.)

I’m feeling better already, and I’m sure another good night’s sleep will have me back on track tomorrow. I’m going to check out Halifax and maybe a bit down the coast. The forecast is calling for rain, but I’m from Vancouver, so I’ll handle it.

NEXT POST: Halifax


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